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I'm Leela, 


I spent the last several years pursuing my creative and entrepreneurial ideas full-time. My career was dedicated to teaching, making appearances at yoga festivals and studios, coordinating community events, and offering full-spectrum doula services. My experiences were fulfilling, and I learned so much! However, becoming a mother profoundly changed my capacity, perspective, and priorities, leading me to reevaluate how I want to show up in the world creatively and professionally. 


I don't fit in a box! I have multiple talents and passions. I resonate with creatives, business professionals, veterans, and mothers seeking support, yoga as a lifestyle, community, and sustainable, healthy habits.

I am currently pursuing a digital nomadic life by earning a CompTIA certification in cybersecurity. These days my favorite way to engage with the community is through participating in maternal health equity research, promoting both personal wellbeing and civic engagement through yoga4change series and offering virtual doula services. Additionally, I coach women on leveraging insurance to build wealth and protect their families!


Leela Lifestyle is a platform dedicated to showing up in the world as my authentic self and sharing my gifts with the world.

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