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Computer & Security 

Tech Girlie

Tech Girlie.jpg

As a newly certified and eager IT professional with a CompTIA certification, I'm seeking an entry-level remote position. I've become skilled in installing and configuring major computer and mobile device operating systems, securing device software, troubleshooting software issues and understanding operational procedures within an enterprise network environment. I am a proficient in critical thinking, maintaining security systems and training staff on security protocol. 

At the moment, I am optimistic and welcoming an opportunity to contribute to a growing team and leverage my ability to translate complex computer and security concepts into basic, relatable terms. I'm excited about entering the tech industry and making an impact in diverse and innovative environments. 

U.S Army

Weekend Warrior 

I served in the United States Army Reserves as a Human Resources Specialist. My military career started my senior year in high school. As a Reservist I lived a balance dual life, attending monthly drills and two weeks of active duty in the summer each year. I believe this dual responsibility is as challenging as, if not more than, active duty due to the need to meet high standards both as soldiers and civilians.


In my role, I led initiatives to support the career progression of fellow soldiers, provided essential training information, answered questions, produced ad hoc reports, and ensured robust support for soldiers and commanders across various branches. I mastered HRIS and other computer programs essential for maintaining up-to-date personnel data, showcasing my proactive approach and commitment to excellence. My experiences have engraved in me leadership, discipline, resourcefulness, and dedication.


Corporate Cutie

Corporate Cutie.png

When I wasn't in Camouflage I was in corporate serving as a liaison for a wealth management firm between the home office and other brokers. I fostered strong communication channels to facilitate seamless operations. My role required accountability, a positive demeanor, people skills, and meticulous execution, all of which contributed to the overall success of the firm and enhanced client satisfaction.

I eventually obtained my license to become a field agent, allowing me to go beyond coordinating new business to facilitating it. I now have the capability to evaluate individual situations, assess risks, and recommend policies to help clients grow their financial portfolios and build wealth.



Spiritual Hottie 

Spiritual Hottie.jpg

As a dedicated and mindful educator, I work and volunteer my time with esteemed organizations like but not limited to Habitual Roots, U.S National WWC (CLT), BIPOC Yoga Collective). I completed more than 500 hours of registered yoga and healing art trainings. I've had the privilege of guiding countless individuals through self-exploration, fostering authentic connections, and promoting internal growth. Through mentorship I supported new 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training graduates and offered guidance to help them succeed in their teaching journey. Over the years I also developed and demonstrated great skill in coordinating and hosting sold out yoga/wellness retreats, workshops, and healing art events to create spaces for personal development and community engagement. 

Maternal Health

Dope Doula

Dope Doula.png

When I was honorably discharged from the Army, I took a break from corporate and hung up my camo then, I completed my doula certification through DONA International. This equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide exceptional support to expecting mothers and prepare myself. As part of my passion project, I started a nonprofit organization  Ahimsa Childbirth Services. Now, every few months, I provide virtual doula services to support low-income and BIPOC expecting mothers through their pregnancy journey and birth. My program offers personalized guidance, referrals, emotional support, and evidence-based education to empower women during this transformative time.

Professional skillset

Software, Device, and Network Troubleshooting 

Professional Communication

Basic Security & Operational Procedures

Public Health Advocacy

AI Prompt Engineering 

Community Engagement

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis

Accessible & Trauma Informed Yoga 


CompTIA A+ 

Certified Nurse Assistant

Childbirth Educator

Prompt Engineering Specialization

Birth Doula 

300hr RYT

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